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“It’s been weird being back in Marching Band after that pretty long hiatus. Although it’s been a while it still feels the same, COVID-19 has changed a lot but the band seems to [have] the same spirit.” -Nile Thompson WHHS, '22


The WHHS fine arts program is on the brink of a creative comeback after a year of virtual performances and shows. Teachers, directors and students are excited to finally return to a sense of normalcy. To get back into the swing of things, the marching band started with band camp in late July. Rookie marchers from this year and last worked with leadership on marching technique in preparation for the 2021-22 season.

Squeeze, push, one.

The WHHS Marching Blue and Gold, along with the entirety of the fine arts department, is excited to be in-person and experience a new form of creativity that was not possible last year. They are looking forward to events to come, and to share their creativity with the WHHS student body.

"The thing about marching band specifically is that you have to have all your muscles engaged the whole time you're rehearsing. When you stand at attention or march, it makes it much more hot and tiring and you can't shake out your arms and legs until a water break - it's exhausting." - Lily Canter WHHS, '22

Tuning back into in-person learning

The structure of the Walnut Hills High School orchestra tremendously shifted during remote learning. Students returning to an in-person learning model are forced to adapt to a new procedure as they prepare for their first concert with a live audience in over a year.

WHHS Alumna Sophia Liu, '22 rehearses "March To The Scaffold" in preparation for the Walnut Hills High School Chamber Orchestra fall concert.

Walnut Hills High School Junior Drum Major Katie Berich leads the Marching Blue and Gold in their award winning performance entitled "The Fortune of Fools".

The Fortune of Fools

Nearly two years since their last live performance, the Marching Blue and Gold works tirelessly to perfect their show "The Fortune of Fools" in hopes to bring home a state trophy, and continue their 16 year winning streak.

Behind the Camera

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